Why are my taxes higher than my neighbors?

It is very difficult to compare taxes because of the variety of exemptions for which a homeowner may qualify. You should compare assessed values then check to make sure you have all the exemptions you are allowed.

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1. How is my property’s assessment determined?
2. Will I be notified if my assessment is going to be changed?
3. What is the "quad year" or "general reassessment year"?
4. How can I compare the assessed value of my property to the assessed values of similar homes in my area?
5. What should I do if I think my property is over-assessed?
6. When can I file an appeal with the Henry County Board of Review?
7. When I get my tax bill, is it too late to file an appeal?
8. Why are my taxes higher than my neighbors?
9. How can I change the mailing address on a tax bill?