Lost or found a pet?

What to do if you have lost a pet:

Contact the Henry County Animal Control Department to see if a pet matching the description of your pet has been picked up, but it is best to visit the Animal Control Facility to visually look for your dog, since descriptions vary between people. Place "Lost Animal" ad in the local newspaper, this can sometimes be done for free. Call your veterinarian and other local veterinarians to report that you are missing your dog. Contact the Henry County Humane Society-Geneseo at 309-944-4868 and the Henry County Humane Society-Kewanee at 309-852-0040, give them a description of your animal. Let your neighbors know that your dog is missing and place fliers around the vicinity that the pet was lost or last seen.

Most importantly, keep cats indoors, make sure they are wearing a collar with an ID tag attached, and keep dogs on a leash when not in your house or yard, make sure that they are properly tagged. Having a microchip implanted into your animal is another way to ensure their safe return to your custody.

View and download the Lost Pet Form (PDF).

What to do if you have found a lost pet:

If the animal is wearing an ID tag contact the owner listed on the tag, if the animal is wearing a rabies tag, contact the Henry County Animal Control Department and give them the tag number, they can identify the owner and provide you with their information. If the animal has no identification, call the Henry County Animal Control Department and give them a description of the animal you have found, walk the dog around your neighborhood, one of your neighbors may be able to identify the dog and give you the owners information. Put up "Found Animal" fliers in the vicinity that the animal was found.

Many animals are implanted with a microchip, which is a permanent form of identification. All local stray holding facilities, police departments, and most veterinarian clinics are equipped with scanners to read the chips. The owners information can then be traced with the chip number.

If you cannot get in contact with the animals owner, bring it to the Henry County Animal Control facility and they will care for the animal until an owner is located. If an owner is not located the animal may be placed up for adoption.

View and download the Found Pet Form (PDF).

How to protect your dog from being stolen:

  • Have up to date pictures of your pet, specifically, pictures of any unique markings or scars
  • Do not leave you pet unattended for long periods of time, especially in a place that people driving by can see the animal
  • Microchip your pet
  • If you are going to be gone for a long period of time, ask someone to frequently check on your animal

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1. Lost or found a pet?