What is the Victim Impact Panel (VIP) & Multiple Offender Panel?

There are two types o Victim Impact Panels: 

  • First Offender Victim Impact Panel - This is a panel comprised of speakers who are victims or family members of a victim of a drunk driver. Each speaker tells their individual story and talks about how being a victim of a drunk driver has affected their life, their family, their career, their friendships etc.
  • Multiple Offender Panel - This is a panel for offenders who have been convicted of more than one DUI offense and have previously attended the First Offender Victim Impact Panel. This panel consists of an Illinois State Police Trooper and a coroner.  The Multiple Offender program consists of lectures, slide presentations, and videos regarding the deadly effects of drinking and driving.

The panels are not open to the general public.

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1. What is the Victim Impact Panel (VIP) & Multiple Offender Panel?
2. When is the Victim Impact Panel (VIP) held?
3. When is the Multiple Offender VIP held?
4. What are the Multiple Offender Panel Rules?
5. What are the costs of these panels?
6. Can I reschedule my attendance of the Multiple Offender Panel or get an extension to complete the Victim Impact Panel?
7. How long do the panels last?
8. What if I do not complete the Victim Impact Panel within 45 days from the date of my order or if I miss the Multiple Offender Panel date?
9. If I reside of out of county or state can I attend a Multiple Offender Panel closer to where I reside?