What is Electronic Monitoring Home Detention (EMHD)?

EMHD is an alternative to jail. Home Detention is the confinement of an offender convicted or charged with an offense to his or her place of residence that would otherwise be incarcerated in the Henry County Jail under conditions established by the court. EMHD limits an offender's movement within the community through electronic monitoring.

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1. What is Electronic Monitoring Home Detention (EMHD)?
2. Who can be on EMHD?
3. How long can I be on EMHD?
4. What equipment is used to electronically monitor an offender?
5. What is Global Positioning System (GPS)?
6. Will I have equipment strapped to my body?
7. Will I be allowed to work?
8. What happens if I violate my EMHD terms?
9. Will I be drug tested?
10. Who pays for EMHD?
11. How much does EMHD cost?