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Animal Holding

Each animal brought into the Animal Control Facility is checked for gender, evaluated for temperament, micro-chipped, and wormed. The Animal Control Staff continues to monitor each animals health during its time at the facility.

Animal with unknown ownership:  The animal is held for 7 days, then put up for adoption.

Animal with known ownership: The animal is held for 7 days, the owner is contacted via phone. If the animal is not claimed within the 7 days, the animal is put up for adoption.

Dogs involved in bite incidents: If the dog is current on its Rabies vaccination it can be released to the owner for home confinement. Those dogs that are not current on their Rabies vaccination must be confined at either the Animal Control Facility or at a licensed Veterinarians clinic. In both instances, the dog must be confined for a period of 10 days beginning with the date of the bite. Since cats are not required to be vaccinated they can be confined at home, if the cat is a stray it must be confined at the Animal Control Facility. No rabies vaccination should be given until the 10 day confinement is over.

Length of time animals are kept at the Animal Control Facility: Depends on the number of animals that are currently being housed at the facility. The average time an animal is kept at the facility is between 10-20 days.

Reclaiming of Animal: The animal may be reclaimed by an owner after showing proof of inoculation or after an appointment to have the animal inoculated has been set up with the owner’s veterinarian of choice. The animal owner will be responsible for paying any fees incurred, including but not limited to: registration fee, micro-chipping fee, boarding fee, and any other Animal Control fees as they apply.

To reclaim a dog or cat:

  1. Proof of rabies vaccination
  2. If not current on vaccination a proof of vaccination within 14 days
  3. Pay impound fee (fee waived if first offense and owner has animal spayed or neutered within 14 days)
  4. Pay boarding fees
  5. Pay for micro-chipping and registration if not already done

  6. Fines and Fees
    Public Safety Fines
    Running at large
    • $20 goes to pet population fund
    • $20 goes to pet population fund
    • fee waived if first offense and owner has animal spayed or neutered within 14 days
    Dog Bites
    • $20 goes to pet population fund
    Dangerous Dog
    • $20 goes to pet population fund
    Vicious Dog
    • $20 goes to pet population fund
    Boarding   $10 per day

Animal Control

Rich Nelson, Warden
Cheryl Littrel, Deputy Warden

119 South East Road
P.O. Box 153
Cambridge, IL 61238

Office Hours:
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Monday - Friday

(309) 937-2266
(309) 937-2628

If you need immediate assistance and there is no answer contact the Henry County Sheriff's Office