Virtual Hearings


Depending on the type of court appearance you are set for, you may be able to appear remotely by using the Zoom app.  Click here Administrative Order 2023 CA 11 for the rules governing remote appearances.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE RULES MAY RESULT IN YOU BEING DENIED ENTRY INTO THE COURT PROCEEDING AND BE TREATED AS A FAILURE TO APPEAR.

Once the Court starts the "meeting" you will be initially placed in a virtual "waiting room" and your name will be visible to the Court, letting the Court know you have joined the "meeting".  The Court will admit you into the court proceeding when it is time for your case.  Please be patient as the Court may be finishing other cases before yours is called.  Make sure your FULL NAME appears on your Zoom account or you may be denied entry into the court proceeding and treated as a FAILURE TO APPEAR.  


Familiarize yourself with the Zoom app before attempting to attend court remotely.  If you are unable to participate because you don't know how to use the app you may be treated as a failure to appear. 

Conduct yourself in the same manner that you would if you were appearing in person.  Dress and act appropriately with an appropriate background.  No eating or drinking.

Make sure you are in a quiet location with a good internet connection.  If appearing in a vehicle, it must not be in motion.

Make sure your full name, first and last, appears on your Zoom account so the Court knows who you are.  The Court will not admit unknown persons into the court proceeding.  

At least 10 minutes before your court proceeding is to start, click on the link below for the judge presiding over your case.  If you are not sure who your judge is, call the Henry County Circuit Clerk's office at (309) 937-3572.

Judge James Cosby 

Judge Colby Hathaway 

Judge Terry Patton

All Juvenile Cases (J, JA, JD, JV)

Walk-In Court