Property Tax Pre-Payments

Henry County will now be accepting property tax pre-payments.

This program will run from December 1st to April 1st.  A program form must be filled out each year at the time the payment is made.  No online payments or credit cards will be allowed for pre-payments. 

In order to utilize this program
1.  Must be current on all prior year taxes. 
2.  Allowed to pay up to the previous years tax amount only.
 A tax bill will be sent to you with the remaining balance or will show a refund owed to you.  You will be responsible for paying the balance due on or before the applicable due dates.  No partial payments will be accepted after tax bills are available.  Failure to do so will result in all consequences provided for by law. 

Once you have paid the Treasurer's office, you forfeit the right to receive a refund of funds and they are to be applied to payment of property taxes for the designated parcel.  Refund only applies to overages once tax bills have been generated. 

The Treasurer or her representatives offer no warranty, either express or implied, on the tax benefits of participation in this program.  Please consult a tax professional for advise on such matters. 

Please click HERE for the program form.  Forms are also available in our office or by calling (309) 937-3576