Hillcrest Home (Skilled Nursing Facility)


The staff of Hillcrest Home believes that quality care goes far beyond medical treatment. We are committed to serving the total needs of our residents, recreational spiritual, personal and social.


The history of Hillcrest Home goes back many years to the mid-1800s when representatives of Henry County decided to create a home that would care for the needs of the poor and homeless of the county. It was in the center of Munson Township and was referred to as the Henry County Poor Farm. Its purpose was to serve as a home for those who had nowhere else to turn. Many of the people were new immigrants to this country and were searching for shelter, while others were ill and in need of care.

In 1871 the need for additional space resulted in the construction of a new building at the cost of $50,000. It was then referred to as the Henry County Infirmary and it was said it was the best building for the cost in the state of Illinois.  A total of 320 acres of farm ground was eventually purchased and the people living at the Infirmary that were able were responsible for raising the crops, caring for the livestock, and raising garden produce.

In July of 1912, the Henry County Infirmary was accidentally burned to the ground. The fire was a result of an attempt to smoke out chimney swallows that were nesting in a ventilator. In September of 1912 plans began for a new “fireproof” structure at a cost of $110,000. The home was divided into three sections; much like the former home, to house men on one side and women on the other, the center area was for the “warden and matron” who ran the farm.

In the early 1940s, the introduction of welfare programs affected admissions.  Henry County was the first county to convert its poor farm into a Convalescent Home with a name changed to Henry County Convalescent Home.  The far operation was leased out in 1957. In 1970, the facility was renamed Hillcrest Home and in 1971 the first new addition was added to the south side of the original building forming one-half of the square. In 1976 the square was completed along with a lower level.   Hillcrest became Medicare certified in 1998. The original building needed much costly renovation to bring the facility up to code which caused the resident to be moved to the annex square and the original building closed.  In 2009, the old facility was torn down and the area was landscaped into a lovely yard. A renovation project was completed in 2012 which provided a new front entrance with a brick canopy and additional dining space as well as a patio area on the southeast side of the dining room.

Health & Human Services Committee

The facility continues to be owned and operated by the people of Henry County with the day-to-day operations of the home coordinated by a licensed nursing home administrator.  The Health and Human Services Committee comprised of three to four board members meets monthly and reviews the activities and finances of the home.