Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Henry County GIS Department is a division of the Henry County Assessment office and is entirely funded by recording fees instead of tax dollars. The GIS Department is responsible for maintaining County parcel cadastral maps, farmland use maps and data, soil maps and calculations, verifying recorded legal descriptions, data analysis, map production and data distribution.

Henry County GIS also promotes growth and job creation in Henry County by helping businesses make better decisions for site location and resource availability.

Statement of Purpose

The Henry County Geographic Information System provides improved methods for collecting, managing and using location based information to analyze trends, design spatial models and develop projections to support decision making processes and enhance public access to data in an equitable manner.

Mission Statement

Henry County will promote fact-based decision making for both day-to-day operation needs and long range planning to benefit citizens of this County. The Henry County Geographic Information System, hereinafter GIS, will enable elected officials, department heads, county employees, public and private agencies and citizens of Henry County to graphically view and analyze information, and apply GIS technology to Henry County issues.


  • To provide a cost-effective means for coordinating, sharing and disseminating location-based information in an equitable manner
  • To enhance communication among local, regional, state and federal government agencies, as well as utilities, businesses and industries through cooperation and data integration
  • To promote increased awareness about GIS technology and applications to the public and private agencies
  • To coordinate the development of GIS databases within Henry County in order to reduce redundancy and increase efficiently
  • To provide technical assistance for Henry County GIS projects
  • To update and maintain Henry County's digital cadastral base map
  • To maintain the Henry County digital orthophotos
  • To create and maintain GIS data standards for Henry County
  • To assist with compiling and maintaining information (metadata) about Henry County GIS data

GIS Data Summary

Coordinate System

  • North American Datum 1983, State Plane Illinois West (NAD_1983_StatePlane_Illinois_West_FIPS_1202_Feet)

Primary Geographic Features

Cadastral_AnnoTextual elements (annotation) with subtypes like lot or parcel dimension
Cadastral_LinePolyline's are "tagged" as one, or more, of the following features: Corporate, County, Geographic Township, Indian, Lot, Misc., Parcel, Political Township, Railroad Centerline, Railroad Right-of-way, Road Centerline, Road Right-of-way, Section, Subdivision, Water
CartographyLinear features which help describe other features like ownership hooks, dimension tics, etc.
CorpPolyCorporate boundary
Flood_PolyTo designate bulletin-810 flood areas
GeoTwpPolyTownship boundaries used for meets & bounds legal descriptions (e.g. T15N R5E = Kewanee Township)
Landuse_PolyDesignates farm land use
ParcelPolyArea designated to be a parcel
PolTwpPolyTownship boundaries as politically designated
SectionPolyTownship section boundaries
SoilsSoil Survey from NRCS
SubPolySubdivision boundaries