Animal Control

Welcome to the Animal Control Department!

  • The Henry County Animal Control Department registers all dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies pursuant to the Henry County Code 91.22, which states:
  • "Every owner of a dog four months or more of age shall have each dog inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Every dog shall have a second rabies vaccination within one year of the first…"
  • Each dog vaccinated against rabies is issued a numbered tag that can be used to identify the animal if it becomes lost.
  • The department is a Government owned and operated Animal Control Facility, certified and inspected by the State of Illinois, and is funded through vaccination registrations paid by the residents of Henry County. Please Visit our Wish List page to see what we are in need of at this time.
  • The Henry County Animal Control Department investigates all complaints of neglected and/or abused animals, animal bites, and persistent animal problems.
  • Responsible for containing loose and/or stray dogs and cats in the unincorporated areas of Henry County and those Towns and Villages with whom contracted.
  • Only handles Dogs and Cats - NO WILDLIFE PLEASE!
  • DNR wants us to leave wildlife alone.
  • Unless the animals are bleeding, DNR doesn't want them transported to rehabilitators, otherwise we are simply kidnapping them!
  • Websites to visit:
  • You may also contact DNR CPO Jamie Posateri at 309-830-0708
  • Henry County Animal Control doesn't trap wildlife, you can contact trappers:
    • Bethel Wildlife
      Phone: 309-334-2759
      Fax: 309-299-4911
      Woodhull, IL
    • Arnoryone
      William Minnaert
      Phone: 309-945-3112
      Geneseo, IL
  • You can contact Animal Control for rehabilitator's numbers.