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The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is seeking bids for Comprehensive Health Care for Inmates confined at the Henry County Jail beginning March 1, 2014.  Staff to be provided will consist of a full-time nurse and a physician as well as a mental health specialist as needed.  Medical services shall minimally include: detainee health assessment, sick calls, ambulance services, hospitalization, disposal of medical waste, dental/oral services, mental health services, pathology/radiology services, pharmacy services and off-site specialty services.  Administrative services shall minimally include: medical and mental health education and training, maintenance of medical records and compliance with all applicable state and/or federal regulations.  The complete request for proposal may be obtained by contacting the Jail Administrator at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at 309-937-3642 or at 311 W. Center Street Cambridge, IL  61238.


Henry County Sheriff's Office Corrections Division


(309) 937-3940


The Henry County Sheriff's Office Corrections Division is responsible for keeping in safe and secure custody all criminal suspects and persons convicted of crimes in Henry County who receive jail sentences. A new Jail and Court Services Courthouse Addition was completed in 1999.


The Corrections Division consists of Correctional Officers organized under a Jail Administrator who is appointed by the Sheriff. There is also an Assistant Jail Administrator and three Corporals. In addition to local inmates, the jail staff also supervises inmates from other agencies who are here for temporary housing. Housing of outside inmates is become a major source of revenue for Henry County.

Correctional Officers' duties include supervision of jail inmates, security of the jail facility itself, transportation of inmates to and from court appearances, medical offices, and other appointments, and insuring the safety of both inmates and staff. Correctional Officers also are available to assist the public and can file reports on minor incidents such as vehicle/deer accidents, minor thefts, and telephone harassment.


General Rules Regarding Inmates

All persons incarcerated at the Henry County Jail receive a copy of the Inmate Rules and Regulations. Inmates are responsible for adhering to the rules and regulations and failure to do so can result in disciplinary action. The full Inmate Rules and Regulations is too extensive to reproduce here. What follows is general in nature and any questions should be directed to the Henry County Correctional Facility staff at 309-937-3940.


All inmates and all areas of the jail are subject to search at any time


Everyone entering the secure area of the jail is subject to search of their person or any article in their possession


The Henry County Jail is a tobacco free/non-smoking facility


Visiting an Inmate


By appointment only and the visitor must be on a list submitted by the inmate for approval


One visit per inmate per week and visits last approximately 40 minutes. Limit of 3 visitors per visit



Visits are scheduled at 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM and every hour on the hour between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM every day except Monday. Subject to change for holidays. No smoking, food or drinks are allowed in the visiting area.



Legal counsel may visit at any reasonable hour when space is available



Bonding an inmate out of jail

Inmates can be bonded out 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Call the jail for more information when wanting to post bond. 

There is a $14.00 take bond fee for every bond posted. 

Property for Inmates


No personal property is allowed into the jail except property which is on the person when admitted to the jail


Money can be added to an inmates commissary account by going to JAILATM.COM or by using the atm that is in our visitation lobby from 8am to 8pm.




The jail operates a commissary through which inmates can purchase personal care items, snacks, and other various items



There is no limit on the amount of mail, provided it is orderly and not excessive



Magazines and books are allowed by subscription only (limits apply to type and amount, contact the jail for more information)



Prescription medication is accepted only in the first 72 hrs of incarceration and if current and in original container



Prescription eye glasses, contacts, and solutions are accepted, NO SUNGLASSES



Limits apply to the amounts of other items an inmate can have, contact the jail for information on limits before trying to mail any other item to an inmate


The inmate's mailing address is as follows

Inmate Name
311 W. Center St.
Cambridge, IL 61238


 You must have your complete name and return address on the envelope.

Any incoming mail that does not have the complete name and return address will be returned.

All items received through the mail are subject to inspection for contraband. Any item that is determined to be contraband will be returned.

All property and clothing must be picked up from the jail upon an inmate's release or transfer to another facility. Any items left after 30 days will be disposed of. Food items will be disposed of after 3 days.


Contact with Inmates


Inmates can use phones in their cell blocks normally between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM daily, however this is a priviledge that can be suspended for misuse


Inmates are only allowed outgoing calls and they are collect only, no credit card or 800 #'s, pre-paid calling cards are available from the jail commissary


Inmates may be allowed an outgoing call at time of admission and at certain other specified times


No incoming calls or messages are accepted for inmates


Release time is normally around 10:00 AM, but may be anytime within the 24 hour span of the inmates release date


Jail Chaplain

The Henry County Jail Chaplain is available to inmates during regularly scheduled hours. A non-denominational church service is held every Sunday afternoon, and a mid-week service is held on Thursday nights from 8-10 PM. The Jail Chaplain is Rodney Weber of Geneseo, and he is assisted by several volunteers. Chaplain Weber has received the Harry Denman Award of Evangelism for a Layman from the United Methodist Church.  



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