Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Mission Statement:

The Henry County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for developing and maintaining a county-wide emergency preparedness plan to coordinate resources in Henry County for foreseeable emergency or disasters-such as severe storms, tornadoes, hazardous materials incidents, or other natural or man-made emergencies, etc.  Henry County Emergency Management provides coordination between county agencies and acts as a liaison between local governments, state and federal agencies during disasters & emergencies. 


Henry County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) serves as a staff element for the Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) and a resource for the Henry County Board Public Safety Committee.

Henry County EMA staff is made up of 1 part-time employee and  volunteers.


Mat Schnepple, Manager, Henry County EMA

Phone:  309-883-1287
Fax:   309-937-3405

307 West Center Street
Cambridge, IL 61238